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Victoria May { view her profile }

I was duped when Victoria May called my service and wanted me as a butler for a hen party at her place. When I got there she admitted to me that I was only supposed to service her. She's got me strippin off my stuff in the kitchen and put on an apron over my briefs before losing the briefs and puttin on a bow tie. Victoria wants to see my bum before I start cleanin' up her kitch sink. Suddenly she runs her hands all over and goes under the apron. I like her hard nips and the glasses as part of her MILFYness. She undoes the apron and mini-Lukey stands out like a fuckin bike stand. Vicki gets on her knees and ladles my joint with her lips and tongue. I love the ball piercing in the middle of her tongue the feels incredible under my shaft. She uses both her hands and goes almost balls deep in her blowin. This bird is horny as fuck and I'm gonna take advantage of her cunt big time! I feel like grabbin the pig tails on the back of her head and fuckin the dirty whorish mouth like she wants. I get her to strip off her tank top and show off the hard nubs starin at me strainin to get outta her top. She got a trampy stampy and another tatt on her upper back and arm before I get her to bend over while holdin' onto the washer before I slide right in her soaked clam. I know she wants it so I have this tramp get on her knees again to savor all our juices off my log. We walk to the other room and start frenchin on the sofa before she returns to to makin' love to lil' Lukey. She's so fuckin open to anything that she even tongues me arse before riding cowgirly with her snug shaved puss. She rides strong at first showing no mercy on Lukey. Fuck she's got so tight a fuckin' box that it's insane. I grab onto those killer buns while she continues to attack my staff. She's eager to taste our love juices again and give Lukey some oral lovin. Then I pose her for doggy and after diggin my face in her tangy twat I surge my cock deep. I can feel her girly goo all over my shaft while I pound her shit with no shame. Once back on the couch she attacks Lukey with her mouth, hands and tongue. She gets me soo close to cummin before we switch up and I'm tonguin her cunny. Once I let my digits do the walkin I pop her G strong with my middle finger. I then cram her with my dong then fingers again gettin' her to squirt on her bald muff. After more hummin' on Lukey there's more finger action with her peach and there's a naughty juice stain on her sofa. After more Lukey love and some rimmin she rides me reverse cowgirly. It's too much for me after she says, FILL ME UP! I can't hang anymore and I blast my load inside her slippery cunt. She licks up every bit of jizz. OMFG this chick rawks! Cheers boys!

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