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It's naughty and sexy as fuck to be the other man which is why I'm Victoria's side piece. Her guy thinks she's out at the gym with her pal but instead back at her pad ready to be my fave slut. We make out while gettin over to the couch where I reveal her tight tattted bod that drives me crazy horny. Once she strips me down she gets on her knees and uses her mouth and hand to get me goin. She takes to Lukey like she hasn't had dick in forever. She complains her guy doesn't nail her enough and she wants to take out herr nympho on me. I savor the flavor of her coochie which is juicy and tangy like I remember from our last shag. Her pussy as tight as a fuckin vise grip and I love roamin my hands over her perfect bod. She was uber horny today cuz she wasn't ridin for too long and i could feel her cum on my crank a lil. She got off to sample our juicy mixture. I'm glad I can keep up with this fit babe otherwise she'd waste no time with me. I got her in doggy on the couch and stuck my face in her tangy twat. I loved the taste and knew she needed to get fucked hard like I know she loves it. She knows she can't get this from her man and why she cums to me for her strong gasms. She also craves gettin slammed in mish with her legs spread wide. I can go the deepest in this type of fuckin as my balls pop her arse hole (which I hope to nail when she wants me to pop her anal cherry). I feel her body quake and quiver under me because my steed kept poppin her spot with every thrust. After feedin on Lukey one last time she got her sexy toned sweaty bod on top and rode my shit with all she could. When she wanted me to cum in her that put me over the edge. Seconds later I shot my wad inside and gave her the gift she wanted so badly. She then licked every bit off me. After our shag she discovered a secret camera in the teddy bear sitting in front of us. Her guy is a sneaky fuck and recorded everything! Fuck it! It's not my fault he's not pleasin her. Who knows...maybe he's a cuck and loves it.

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