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This one was a treat to watch Philippa and Cheyenne go at it! Always love to see two majorly shaggable birds go at it even more so that it was my big-titted step sis Philippa lez out with her gal pal Cheyenne. They start makin' out but the video cam i'd left on the couch picked up what was goin on. I'd just gone out for a bit then I come back surprised by not really cuz I fuckin knew they was always up to somethin. Big tits with pierced nips and body tatts were everywhere as this horny pair started strippin down. They each took a turn lickin and suckin each other's nipples before they both came over and took off my trousers. When they took off my briefs Philly came over to gobble and nuzzle my balls while Chey sucked me and tongued my rigid shaft. When both nymphos devoured my dick I was in fuckin heaven. Then Philly went at me and took every inch in balls deep like I knew she knew how...don't ask me why. Haha Both lickin on me like their fave lolly was a sight I'll never forget. I then got them in doggy poses on the couch while I fingered and felt the juices of each on my fingers. Philly needed to get pounded first so Chey helped me slide in. After a couple thrusts Philly helped me inside Chey and I gave her ths same love I showed for my step-sissy. Both wanted a sample so they eagerly licked and flicked my cock to get the full flavor. I laid back on the couch and Chey got on top fucking me good n' hard. I grabbed and feasted on her knocks while she came at me with a fuck fury I'd not had in a while. My balls were pounding into her clit as loud smacks filled the room. When it was Philly's turn we made out for a lil bit before she tasted my log. Once she eased on top I could feel her vag grip onto my loin before she started fuckin me like Chey did. I then got on top of her on the couch and gave her the same rammin she gave me. After a lil more of the ol' in out They worshiped my cock again before Chey got on top in reverse cowgirly. She rode me fierce n' steady like before while Philly would taste our juices on my dong before puttin it back inside Chey. Philly then wiggled her big butt onto my crotch and slid her snatch down on me pud. Not too long after these horndogs wanted to go at my dick again strokin an suckin like crazy until I shot my wad and they eagerly swallowed and French-kissed the rest off each other's tongues and lips. Damn glad I caught Philly cuz now I know that Chey is as big a slut as Philly is. Enjoy!

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