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Commando Ho of the week

Commando Ho of the week

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I still can't believe Mandy is my stepsister. If she were just a regular bird I'd shag her shit crazy. Hella cute face, full lips, big fuck'n tits and a luscious ass begging to be spanked. What's not to like??? The fact she's my stepsister and our folks are in the next room makes this so scandalous and so very hawt as fuck. I saw the blue top she was wearing and her big nips popping out aching to be sucked and nibbled. I caught her checking out my bulge through my shorts a couple times that mornin so I know she wanted a taste. It's still a trip that she wanted to do it with our folks watchin telly in the next room. Of course, she tells me to keep quiet so our folks won't bust us and be ashamed as hell. The steps from the kitchen to the living room creaked so we were worried that we'd get caught with her feasting on my beef. When she pulled down my shorts and briefs she stroked a little and even went deep throat on me taking every inch inside and even gagging a lil. I was so fucking turned on even more when she pulled down her top and unleashed those DDs while she kept on gobblin on me knob. Mandy loves givin nice sloppy BJs and gagged a couple times spittin and strokin like a fuckin pro. It didn't take me too long to get that tinge in my balls to let the cum fly. I took control and jacked because I wanted to blast on those big, juicy tits. She even pulled her bottoms back to show me a bit of pussy to get me ready to explode as well as sucking on my balls to build the tension. She kept saying how fucking hawt it was to see me strokin while our folks were in the next room. I couldn't take any more so I spurted inside her eager and sexy fuckin mouth while she rubbed her soft lips over my head and sucked on me some more to get my juice. She looked so perfect with her tits out, my jizz dripping from her mouth and giving me that model's smile. Then she waved good bye and walked away but I know we're not finished. Can't wait to shag the fuck out of her and I know she wants it so fuckin' bad. Don't feel any shame any more doin' this! Stay tuned because I know I'm gonna bang that hot, tight and juicy slit!

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